How To Supercharge Your Affirmations

If you're like me, and a many, many other people, you've heard about affirmations, tried them ... and they didn't work. And that sucks! Like I said, I've been there. Really excited to have found a method that a bunch of successful people have sworn by as a key to their success and nothing happens … Continue reading How To Supercharge Your Affirmations


Infinity. Beginningless Endless Boundless. Infinity. I Am, is. All that is Is not not And we are. Infinity. U n I We B Life live Stretched across The cosmos. No where To go No thing To do Being is And we Are. What we Are is This and That and This and That and You … Continue reading Infinity

The Perfect Imperfect

Let’s talk about failures for a moment. And don’t worry, I’m not gonna ask you to share any embarrassing stories or anything like that. I’ll take the lead here and you can join in if you want. I’ve failed test in school. I’ve lost fights. I’ve lost races and football games. I’ve missed crucial tackles … Continue reading The Perfect Imperfect

The Art Of Life

Creating a life is like creating a piece of art, at first it looks like weird and nonsensical, but eventually it comes together. Our lives are masterpieces. But we don’t see that because we’re in the process. I’ve taking a liking to these painting videos on social media that show a finished picture and then … Continue reading The Art Of Life

Law Of Attraction For Real

In the Fall of 2010 I got my first exposure to the Law of Attraction, like many others, through the book and then movie, The Secret. I remember feeling like I had discovered gold! "This," I thought, "is going to be the special sauce in everything for the rest of my life!" Fast forward two … Continue reading Law Of Attraction For Real

Mindsets That Keep You Stuck

Our lives are the results of the actions and decisions we’ve made up to this moment. The one who does not want to grow past “here,” can hardly be alive. It’s more than natural for people to desire to grow and progress and advance in life. Growth is one of the surest signs of life. … Continue reading Mindsets That Keep You Stuck

We All Need One Of These

“I believe in you.” These are four of the most powerful words when spoken in this combination. It is the language of Champions. I was getting gas and there was an older gentleman at the stall next to me. He was a black man, probably in his 60s. We exchanged glances and smiles and I … Continue reading We All Need One Of These

Small Life. Big World

I had to catch myself from knocking over the clearance rack! I couldn’t believe what I just read in a text message from someone who said they were my brother. Someone who expressed that they had love for me now must have been pissed or changed their mind. “…What a small way you’ve chosen to … Continue reading Small Life. Big World